Merry XXX-Mas!! and Happy Holidayz!

i haven't talked to some of you in quite a while,
it's time for the

11th Annual XXX-Mas bash!!
let's catch up!
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When: Friday, Dec. 17th, 2005 9pm on, goes all night
Where: check your email invite for location
Mindswerve X-Mas Bash 2006
live music from DJ's
Darryl Hell (SMack!)
Dr. Octo-Pussy (Vesago, shock-Therapy)

featuring the soundz coming out of

Projected Video and Inebriating substancez...
**Please bring some Holiday Cheer for the well !!! **
...>>> FLAM <<<...

it's been getting more and more packed every year, so we're trying to make it more enjoyable by making it a little less crowded:

** PLEASE R.S.V.P so we can get an idea how many are coming
we don't need an elaborate email, "i'm coming" or "i'm lame, can't make it" will suffice

** PLEASE don't post this to lists-
this is an INVITE ONLY party!!
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Mindswerve X-Mas Bash 1997